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Treasure Apron

Treasure Apron

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Anyone else have a child who loves to collect rocks, leaves, sticks and other such things when they are out and about?

Treasure aprons give children the ability to collect all of their treasures in one place, as well as showing them you see value in their gathering by providing them with a special place to put these things. When its time to come inside or finish playing you can sit down with them and allow them to tell you the story of all of their special things.

My oldest boy (3.5) also thinks this is an excellent pocket for keeping snacks in while he rides his bike, maybe your child will too?

Treasure aprons have a total width of 116cm (with the straps included) and a length of 20cm.

They are 100% cotton, and have reinforced stitching at the pocket openings and strap attachments.

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