I will be away celebrating Christmas from Dec 13th till Dec 20th. You will still be able to place orders but they will not be sent out until Dec 21st. Thank you all so much for your support during my first year online ❤❤❤

Egg Apron

Regular price $60.00

If you have chickens, you need an egg apron. They are 100% cotton, double layered for strength, and are able to hold 21 jumbo sized eggs. You are able to do egg collection handsfree, and drastically minimise the risk of cracked or broken eggs thanks to each egg being individually cradled in their own pocket.

Waist length: 230cm

Apron length: 50cm

Apron width: 60cm

Apron ties are made extra long to enable them to be tied in both the front back.

Each Apron is handmade and hand cut, this means pattern placement will vary from apron to apron. Fabric colours will vary slightly due to computer screens and photos.

Egg aprons are 100% cotton and machine washable on a cold cycle, iron while damp, and do not hang in direct sunlight.

Shipping is available throughout New Zealand.