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Kids Apron

Kids Apron

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Children's aprons are a multi functional option to assist your child in anything from baking to collecting eggs (definitely give it a wash between those two jobs though - it's machine washable!).

There are 3 pockets in the front, with an adjustable neck strap and long waist ties to make it suitable for a range of sizes. 

The aprons measure 45cm from top to bottom, and 41cm across the widest point. Each of the straps measure 68cm and the neck is fully adjustable also.

It can be seen being worn by my beautiful boys Freddie (3.5y) and Tommy (1.5y) while they help collect eggs. It has dramatically reduced the number of eggs dropped and I couldn't be happier... the dogs are less happy, they loved a dropped egg or two.


There aprons are double layered, and 100% cotton making them durable but still soft against your childrens skin. They are machine washable on a cool cycle and can be ironed.

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