Scent Jar

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Want to spruce up your linen cupboard? Scent jars are just a compact version of a reed diffuser.

Scent infused beads ½ fill a small glass jar, all you need to do is remove the lid and let the scent waft out.

Peach - has a light fruity scent very reminiscent of fresh juicy peaches.

Lavender - a classic and relaxing fragrance.

Black tie - woody and masculine, akin to a variation of men's deodorant.

French pear - smells like delicious spiced, and brandied pears.

Vanilla -  sweet, buttery and classic.

Baby powder - a freshly bathed baby, a fragrance very close to Johnson's baby powder.

White tea & Ginger - a fresh, clean, and invigorating scent with a subtle hint of lemon.

 They are made for use in small spaces, and are especially good in cupboards. The scented beads are kept safe inside the jar, even after you take the lid off, by a layer of mesh. Once the scent begins to fade you are able to give the jar a shake and it will refresh the scent for a time.

Scent jars will keep a cupboard fragrant for a few months, longer if it used infrequently.

Scent jars should be kept out of reach of children, the beads should not be removed from the jar or consumed.

Shipping is available throughout New Zealand.