Mask - Child

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Child sized masks are aimed at ages 4-9.

Hutton Homewares re-usable masks are all made from 3 layers of 100% cotton fabric. Fabric masks are not a substitute for medical grade surgical masks. While they will help create a barrier to aerosolised droplets, they are not infallible. For best protection leave the mask in place over your mouth and nose. If you do need to adjust it, sanitise your hands before touching the mask.

Masks are able to be washed in your machine with detergent and laundry sanitiser. It is important to note washing in hot water can cause masks to shrink. I suggest using a warm cycle to help prolong the life of your mask. Washing should take place after every use. Always wash masks in a laundry bag. Drying masks in direct sunlight may help keep masks germ-free. They are also able to be ironed if elastic is avoided.