Pocket Organic Wheat Bag

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There is little in life that a wheat bag can’t fix, or at least help with in some way, and there is no reason that magic wheat bag can't be organic!

My organic wheat bags are made using 100% organic wheat, 100% organic cotton fabrics, and untreated cotton thread. They are delightfully soft to the touch!

While pocket wheat bags may be tiny, they are still a very effective wheat bag. They are perfect for use in pockets while watching winter sports, waiting for the school bus, or as cold packs to sooth tired eyes.

The magic of wheat bags is in the way the grains of wheat are able to retain and slowly release heat, those individually heated grains will mould against you from within their cotton bag.

Heat in the microwave to use on muscle aches, joint stiffness, period paid, or just to keep toastie on those cold winter nights. Wheat bags can also be chilled in the freezer for use as a cold pack to sooth eyes, or cool off when summer comes back around.

Wheat bags can be re-heated or re-cooled time and time again, but should be replaced annually. When heating a wheat bag, it is important to do so with ½ mug of water in the microwave also (this helps your wheat bag to last longer) and never over heat. Each order comes with instructions for wheat bag heating and care.

Each wheat bag is handmade and hand cut, this means pattern placement will vary from wheat bag to wheat bag. Fabric colours will vary slightly due to computer screens and photos.

Shipping is available throughout New Zealand.