'One off' Masks

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Please allow 3-4 working days for dispatch as luxury masks are made to order.

Hutton Homewares re-usable masks are all made from 3 layers of fabric.

The luxury masks differ in the types of fabric- but still have at least 3 layer. Some masks are 4 layers where I have decided that the top layer does not have a sufficiently tight weave.

Luxury masks are made from silks, cottons, linen, with minimal synthetic fabric. The only synthetic materials are the sequined designs of which one layer contains synthetic material and is  still fully breathable. All masks fabric composition listed below for clarity when purchasing. 

Peach flower lace - Polyester blend/ cotton inner 

Blue flower lace - Polyester blend/ cotton inner

White 3D lace - Polyester blend/ cotton inner

White flowers on blue - Cotton

Gold mesh - Polyester blend/ cotton inner

Peach lace on black - Polyester blend/ cotton inner

Sequin melons - Polyester blend/ cotton inner

Pink triangles - Polyester blend/ silk/ cotton inner

Blush floral sequin - Polyester blend/ silk/ cotton inner

Red and soft gold sequin - Polyester blend/ cotton inner

Gold sequin - Polyester blend/ cotton inner

Navy linen - Linen/ cotton inner


Different fabrics will require different levels of care, so if you are after 'easy care' masks the 100% cotton options are for you. Silks, linens, and sequined fabrics all require handwashing with a regular laundry detergent. This can be done in cold or warm water, but cold is always going to be the safest bet to prolong the life of your mask. It is possible to put luxury masks through the washing machine, but that is a personal choice as I cannot garentee they wont be damaged. If you choose to machine wash each mask MUST be in its own individual delicates bag, wash cycle must be cold and 'delicate'.

Drying masks in sunlight may help keep masks germ-free. Silk, cotton and linen masks can be ironed to remove wrinkles if the elastic is avoided and the iron is on the appropriate setting - this means very cool for silks.

Fabric masks are not a substitute for medical grade surgical masks. While they will help create a barrier to aerosolised droplets, they are not infallible. For best protection leave the mask in place over your mouth and nose. If you do need to adjust it, sanitise your hands before touching the mask.