Eye Mask

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There is little in life that a wheat bag can’t fix, or at least help with in some way.

Heat in the microwave to use warm, or chill in the freezer to use cold. Eye masks are made to sooth and relieve tired eyes, seasonal allergy reactions, headaches, or for use in beauty treatments.

They measure 16cm X 6.5cm.

The magic of wheat bags is in the way the grains of wheat are able to retain and slowly release heat, those individually heated grains will mould against you from within their cotton bag.

Wheat bags can be re-heated or re-cooled time and time again, but should be replaced annually. When heating a wheat bag, it is important to do so with ½ mug of water in the microwave also (this helps your wheat bag to last longer) and never over heat. Each order comes with instructions for wheat bag heating and care.