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Scent Sachet

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Able to be used in cars, draws, wardrobes, sports bags, suitcases, and anywhere else that might need freshening up. Scent sachets are small fabric bags filled with scent infused beads, these ‘inners’ are then put inside a fun fabric cover creating a long lasting all purpose smelly.

Where you use your scent sachet with determine how long they will continue to diffuse scent. Use in cars with sunshine and air flow will last 2 months, where as use in wardrobes or draws will last much, much longer -I have one still letting off fragrance after 18 months in my wardrobe!

Scent sachets come in a variety of scents:

Peach - has a light fruity scent very reminiscent of fresh juicy peaches.

Lavender - a classic and relaxing fragrance.

Black tie - woody and masculine, akin to a variation of men's deodorant.

French pear - smells like delicious spiced, and brandied pears.

Vanilla -  sweet, buttery and classic.

Baby powder - a freshly bathed baby, a fragrance very close to Johnson's baby powder.

White tea & Ginger - a fresh, clean, and invigorating scent with a subtle hint of lemon.

When the time comes that the smell does fade, you are able to purchase a new inner by itself to pop into your favourite cover, or buy a whole new set if your ready for a new look.

 Buy 3 or more scent sachets to receive 15% discount automatically at checkout.

Scent sachets should be kept out of reach of children, and should not be consumed.

Shipping is available throughout New Zealand.